About Us

our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for the hard of hearing and others who would benefit from the various hearing healthcare products and hearing aid accessories which we offer.

Offering over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in the hearing healthcare industry, our management team founded ValuEar™ in 2013.

ValueEar” is a privately held, U.S. company, conveniently located on Long Island, NY several miles East of NYC. Our location provides us with exceptional accessibility to major transportation hubs and offers the very best in expedited service both domestically and internationally.

Our goal

A few years ago the founders of ValueEAR™ recognized the growing need for high quality, innovative products for hearing healthcare. What they saw was a market offering a variety of products, however the cost of these products made them hard to afford; especially for those on fixed incomes.

Using the many years of experience and extensive knowledge of the hearing healthcare industry, ValueEAR™ was created to provide a wide selection of products all at affordable prices – Your One-Stop Shop for hearing healthcare accessories!

Over the years the ValueEAR™ product selection has grown to include many affordable products with speedy delivery directly to your home!

Thank you for visiting ValueEar™ we look forward to being of service.